Recently, I have been approached by many people that follow me on Instagram as well as my Blog. They were wondering or wanted to know how I can afford to have such a great life. They wanted to know how the heck I can travel without having an 8 – 5 job. To that I replied, I saved some money while I was going to school and once I was done with school after doing some research I moved to a very affordable paradise, Thailand.

Let me share with you some of my daily expenses and how I manage to live happily and comfortably without having an 8 – 5 job.

I am currently staying in a very modern hotel far from the tourist area. It is called Live@loft in Thalang, Phuket. I literally pay $300 a month (Contact me if you want to get this deal). The room has everything I need and it is big enough space for 2 adults. Room service once a week, free wifi, small gym, salt-water pool, an amazing view of the forest, and the best part is that is located behind the two biggest supermarkets in the area.

Now, you want to have fun while here, there is an app called Klook where you can get amazing deals. From visiting an elephant sanctuary to spend a full day (all included) in one of Thailand’s gorgeous islands. I paid $30 dollars for transportation (back and forth), food, snorkeling gear and priceless memories. That’s just one of the activities you can do while here. There are so many things you can do. Food is quite cheap. I pay $3 dollars for 5 coconuts, bananas are free, 1 papaya is $1.5, watermelon around $2.5 dollars, 1 mango is 1 dollar, I mean if you are into fruits like I am, you will get amazing quality fruits for cheap. I spend about $10 – $15 dollars a day on food and that is kind of high because I eat a lot. How do I generate money? I make money from my laptop.

I wrote an article on how to make money while traveling. However, if you are serious about moving or to at least experience the life of a nomad, get in touch with me so I can guide you and help you achieve your goals. I am here to share and help you grow in any way possible. It is in my best interest that you become successful. Your success helps everyone, while your failure helps no one.

With Love and Light

Walter’s Raw Life

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